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Interdisciplinary Discourse Analysis in Education, the Arts and Social Sciences (IDEAS)IDEAS Research Image

The Interdisciplinary Discourse Analysis in Education, the Arts and Social Sciences (IDEAS) research group is building an active and vibrant research culture around language, linguistics and semiotics, bringing together productive researchers from across different faculties and units. We foster collaborative team-based research, tapping into and developing emerging synergies which investigate leading edge issues in contexts relevant to the fields of Education, and the Humanities/Arts and Social Sciences more broadly.

Our IDEAS activities include: 

  • Big IDEAS – research seminars
  • Developing your IDEAS – ‘how to’ workshops to mentor and incubate projects
  • Nutting out IDEAS – methodology workshops
  • Presenting big IDEAS – conferences and colloquia
  • Student IDEAS – fortnightly HDR presentations and workshops


Associate Professor Pauline Jones (co-convenor)

Dr Shoshana Dreyfus (co-convenor)

Associate Professor Honglin Chen

Dr Amanda Baker

Dr Erika Matruglio

Professor Jan Wright

Dr Alison Moore

Dr Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Dr Gabrielle O’Flynn

Dr Janine Delahunty

Dr Mike Burri 



Professor Beverly Derewianka

Professor Peter Freebody

Associate Professor Lisa Kervin

Dr Jessica Mantei

Ms Emily Purser

Dr Helen Lewis

Dr Anu Bissonauth-Bedford

Ms Emma Rutherford Vale

Ms Annette Turney

Ms Ika Damayanti

Ms Nasim Googol

Mr Mahmud Hutasuhut

Mr Thanh Liem Dinh

Ms Louise Alexander

Mr Quan Hai Nguyen

Ms Sue Byers

Ms Tonya Agostini

Ms Najmeh Kheradparvar

Ms Adele Beck

Ms Nadia Al-Esi

Ms Sharyn Stafford



Projects our group is working on include school literacy transitions, southern Spanish accents, discourse analysis of argument texts, analysis of policy documents, blended learning environments, discourses about animals and food.

Last reviewed: 28 March, 2018