Our People

Our People

Professional Staff

Len McAlear - Administration Manager

Kim Griffin - Teaching and Learning Officer

Kate Newnham - PA / Administrative Assistant

Monica Ferrari - Administrative Assistant

Cathy Wood - Test Library

Michelle Summerhayes - Test Library

Cassandra Farrar - Northfields Clinic

Liesl Radloff - Northfields Clinic

Marie Johnson - Northfields Clinic / iiMH

Last reviewed: 23 April, 2018

Upcoming Colloquium

Psychology Colloquia  
Autumn Session 2018
Wednesday 12:30-13:30 41-104 

Week 13: 30 May
Dr Kiley Seymour
School of Psychology, University of Western Sydney
Topic: Examining visual experience in schizophrenia

As voted by students for Spring 2017

Best Lecturer Award

A/Prof Stephen Palmisano

Best Tutor Award

Camilla Beale