School of Psychology

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers excellent facilities and staff which provide quality education and research opportunities. We have extensive computer facilities as well as teaching and research laboratories, all supported by a team of professional technical staff. Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in psychological science and can be combined with studies in a range of other disciplines.

Brin GrenyerMulti Million Dollar Boost for Project Air Strategy

An award-winning Illawarra strategy for treating personality disorders will be further expanded statewide after a $5.5 million funding boost. 
Project Air Strategy founder Professor Brin Grenyer is grateful for the funding boost which will ensure the project is implemented statewide.

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 N-ICE Logo 
What if there was a magic pill that could curb cravings for crystal meth?

Called the N-ICE trial, Associate Professor Peter Kelly along with other researchers will investigate whether N-Acetyl Cysteine – or NAC – can reduce cravings and help people stop using crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.

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Brin Grenyer
The Practice and Promise of Mindfulness

Mindfulness offers the promise of a healthier mind for everyone, raising questions of how to develop a practice that works for you.
Nan Tien partnership - UOW goes into partnership with the Nan Tien Institute for academic units that count towards a degree.

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Woman on mobile phone What is mobile phone radiation and how safe is it?

Australians love their smartphones: 88 per cent of us own at least one, and a whole generation has never known life without them.

But with pervasive smartphone use and associated radio waves they need to work, are there any health effects?

Hear what Professor Rodney Croft has to say 

Upcoming Colloquium

Psychology Colloquia
Spring Session 2018
Wednesday 12:30-13:30 41-104

Week 5: 22 August
Dr Stewart Vella
School of Psychology, University of Wollongong
Topic: Ahead of the Game: Results of a sports-based mental health program for adolescent males.

Week 7: Research week

Week 8:12 September
Dr Sylvain Laborde
Department of Performance Psychology, German Sport University Cologne, and the University of Caen, France
Topic: Vagal tank theory: a functional approach to self-regulation resources via the 3Rs of cardiac vagal control – Resting, Reactivity, and Recovery

Week 10: 26 September TBC

Wk 12: 17 October
Dr Lili Yu
Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University
Topic: cognition during reading

Week 13: 24 October
Prof. Erik Reichle
Department of Psychology, Macquarie University
Topic: eye-movement in reading

Recent Publications 

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Clinical Neurophysiology, 129, 1192-1200.