School of Psychology

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers excellent facilities and staff which provide quality education and research opportunities. We have extensive computer facilities as well as teaching and research laboratories, all supported by a team of professional technical staff. Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in psychological science and can be combined with studies in a range of other disciplines.

Wollongong Infant Learning Lab (WILL)Wollongong Infant Learning Lab (WILL)

The Wollongong Infant Learning Lab (WILL) is a team of developmental researchers, led by Associate Professor Jane Herbert who conduct research on infant cognition, parent-child interactions, and well-being in pregnancy and early parenting. 

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Child reading a bookThere’s a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again

A preference for familiarity, rather than novelty, is commonly reported at young ages, and reflects an early stage in the learning process.

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Brin GrenyerMulti Million Dollar Boost for Project Air Strategy

An award-winning Illawarra strategy for treating personality disorders will be further expanded statewide after a $5.5 million funding boost. 
Project Air Strategy founder Professor Brin Grenyer is grateful for the funding boost which will ensure the project is implemented statewide.

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 N-ICE Logo 
What if there was a magic pill that could curb cravings for crystal meth?

Called the N-ICE trial, Associate Professor Peter Kelly along with other researchers will investigate whether N-Acetyl Cysteine – or NAC – can reduce cravings and help people stop using crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.

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Recent Publications 

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