PowerLab - Population Wellbeing and Environment Research Lab

PowerLab - About Us 


Dr Xiaoqi Feng and Associate Professor Thomas Astell-Burt are the co-directors of PowerLab. PowerLab is part of the School of Health and Society in the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

At present, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia and social isolation are the epidemics of modern times and have been linked to urbanization that prioritises profits over people.

The goal of the PowerLab is to enhance understandings of how people and equity orientated changes in our urban environments can enable population wellbeing through supporting mental and physical health across the lifecourse.

To deliver on this goal, A/Prof Astell-Burt and Dr Feng aim to co-produce, collaborate and communicate scientific research findings that demonstrate public, policy and practitioner relevance. They welcome interest from communities, organisations and people who share these values and aspire to make a difference.

A/Prof Astell-Burt and Dr Feng’s research is multidisciplinary and policy driven with a large focus on children’s environmental health and environments for healthy, equitable ageing.