The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale for Children (LEAS-C)

The LEAS-C is a 12-item self report measure assessing the complexity and differentiation of children’s representations of emotional experience. This instrument has been developed from the adult based LEAS.

The LEAS-C is in the public domain and may be downloaded from this website. Use of these materials is permitted provided no fee is charged, no profit is made and the authors are acknowledged.

The LEAS-C supplementary manual may also be downloaded from this site. This manual provides a general introduction to the LEAS-C.A more substantial and informative scoring manual is necessary and can be ordered from Dr. Richard Lane at To assist scoring, a glossary of emotion words is also provided in this manual.

As new data becomes available periodic updates to the LEAS-C manual will be made. This information can also be provided directly to interested parties.

To receive periodic updates regarding the LEAS-C, please email Jane Bajgar with the subject line 'LEAS-C update list'.


Last reviewed: 7 November, 2017

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