Health and Society Courses

The School of Health & Society offers students a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research opportunities. Currently the school delivers courses in the areas of social and public policy, public and population health, work health and safety, social sciences and social work. The school provides students with graduate skills and attributes that are highly valued by employers and the knowledge that will help them to sustain and develop better communities into the future.

Public Health

Studies in Public Health & Population Health empower students to make significant contributions to society. Students will explore interdisciplinary health issues such as preventing disease, prolonging life and the promotion of improved health in the greater community.

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Social Science

Social Sciences help transform the lives of individuals, families and communities by understanding, explaining, predicting and changing human behaviour and environments.

In the Bachelor of Social Science students can choose from 10 different majors with over 30 minors also available to build their unique study pathway.

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Social Work

Social workers assist people to develop their capacity and strengths to solve problems and issues in their daily lives. They explore and address social issues confronting communities to change and improve the lives of citizens by using research and evaluation skills, social policy analysis, social planning, and community development strategies. 

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Work Health and Safety

Studies in Work Health & Safety (WHS) focus on understanding the plethora of hazards faced in the workplace environment and fostering a safer working environment. The specialised knowledge and skills developed throughout the courses (Graduate Certificate through to Masters level) will equip graduates to address the complex nature of workplace occupational health and safety issues. 

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Last reviewed: 16 November, 2017