Dr Hassan Hosseinzadeh

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Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion
PhD, MSc, B.Sc.

Phone: +61 42215351




Dr Hassan Hosseinzadeh is a health promotion lecturer and researcher in the School of Health and Society at the University of Wollongong. He has led and completed many research projects using both quantitative and qualitative methods and published several peer reviewed manuscripts in well-known international journals. He has extensive experience in supervising postgraduate students.



  • HAS 834 Health Promotion I
  • HAS 914 Health Promotion II
  • HAS330 Health promotion competencies



  • Chronic disease
  • Community engagement/empowerment
  • Health behaviour change
  • Knowledge translation including health literacy
  • Sexual health
  • Primary health care



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Last reviewed: 20 September, 2016