Dr Mim Fox

Mim Fox Photo

Lecturer in Social Work

Qualifications: BSW, MSW, PhD
Phone: 02 4221 3779



Prior to beginning in academia Mim worked extensively in social work field education and before that in hospital social work, community health and community work. Mim graduated with her PhD from UNSW Australia in 2015, where she explored the relationship between international field placements and the development of a professional international social work identity. After the PhD Mim’s research interests are in the development of professional identity, the practice of international social work, social work education and the learning process. Mim holds a professional and research interest in health social work and specifically in the research that practitioners undertake in the health system.



  • HAS 200 Social Justice in a World of Inequality
  • Approaches and Skills: Group Work



  • International Social Work
  • Social Work Education
  • Practice Learning
  • Health Social Work



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Last reviewed: 14 September, 2016