Kishan Kariippanon MD MPH

Lecturer- Public Health, School of Health and Society
PhD Candidate (Population Health) University of Wollongong
OFFICE: Bldg.15 Room 128
PHONE: +61 4221 4048 

Kishan Karippanon Photo



Kishan Kariippanon is a lecturer in social science and public health subjects. He completed his Doctor of Medicine in 2004 and Master of Public Health in 2008. His doctoral study is an ethnographic study of the social life of mobile phones and social media in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. Kishan is experienced in Indigenous health, ethnographic filmmaking and qualitative research methods.

Research Interests

His research interests include, the socio-economic impact of emergent technology in marginalised youth and communities. He is also an advocate for the use of ethnographic films as a means of intracultural and cross cultural discourse.


  • Social Determinants of Health/Indigenous Health
  • Social Marketing Principles and Practice
  • Strategic Social Marketing


  • Kariippanon, K., & Senior, K. (2017). Engagement and qualitative interviewing: An ethnographic study of the use of social media and mobile phones among remote indigenous youth. In SAGE Research Methods Cases. London, UK: SAGE. doi:10.4135/9781473994843
  • Kariippanon, K., Broadfoot, J., 2010. The meaning of STI/BBV prevention through Web 2.0 applications. The Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin. Vol. 17. No. 1 p. 14.
  • Kariippanon K., and Broadfoot, J. (eds.) 2011. Guidelines for the management of sexual health issues of children and young people. 3rd Edition. Northern Territory Government Centre for Disease Control.
  • Kariippanon, K., Broadfoot, J., Davis, B., Ryder, N., (eds.) 2011. Primary Health Care Sexually Transmitter Infection management guidelines. 3rd Edition. Northern Territory Government Centre for Disease Control

During his doctoral study, Kishan discussed his work with journalists who were interested in the intersection of public health and emergent technology:

  • Disruptive ideas from leaders on the edge – Deloitte Centre or the Edge Australia
  • Social media: new links for Indigenous health (Melissa Sweet 2013) – Medical Journal of Australia
  • Kishan Kariippanon of Youth Health 2.0 talks about his research – International Journal of Public Health


Last reviewed: 26 August, 2016