Dr Joanna Russell

Joanna Russell 2014

Lecturer, Public Health - School of Health and Society
BSc(Hons) Nutrition, MPH (Nutrition), PhD

PHONE: +61 2 4221 5552


Joanna Russell is a lecturer in public health subjects.  She completed her MPH PhD thesis in 2014 on the measurement of food insecurity and diet quality in older adults.    Joanna has experience in quantitative methods and has taught research methods, nutrition monitoring and surveillance and epidemiology.  


  • Her research interests include nutritional epidemiology analysing large datasets to assess relationships between chronic diseases and health behaviours with particular emphasis on food security and diet quality. 



  • Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council
  • Legume Consumption and chronic disease in the Australian Population
  • Chief Investigator: A/Prof V Flood, total funding: $20,305 



  • Public Health Research Methodology
  • Nutrition Monitoring and Surveillance 



  • Hong T, Flood V, Rochtchina E, Mitchell P, Russell J, Wang, JJ. Adherence to dietary guidelines and the 10-year cumulative incidence of visual impairment:  The Blue Mountains Eye Study. American Journal of Ophthalmology 2014;158(2):pp302-308
  • Russell J, Flood V, Yeatman H, Mitchell P. Prevalence and risk factors of food insecurity among a cohort of older Australians Journal of Nutrition Health and Ageing 2014;18(1):pp3-8.  Published online 17/05/2013. DOI: 10.1007/s12603-013-0339-6
  • Gopinath B, Russell J, Flood VM, Burlutsky G, Mitchell P. Adherence to dietary guidelines impacts positively on the quality of life and functional status of older adults.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2014;114(2):pp220-229
  • Russell J, Flood V, Rochtchina E, Gopinath B, Allman-Farinelli M, Bauman A, Mitchell P. Adherence to dietary guidelines and 15-year risk of all-cause mortality. British Journal of Nutrition. 2013;pp109:547-555
  • Russell J, Flood V, Yeatman H, Mitchell P. Food Security in Older Australians. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2011;43(2):e1. [Letter to the editor].  


Last reviewed: 13 July, 2016