Professor Heather YeatmanHeather Yeatman 2014


POSITION: Head, School of Health and Society and Professor in Public and Population Health
PHONE: +61 2 4221 3153





  • BSc (Adel.)
  • DipEd (Adel.)
  • GDipNutrDiet (Flinders)
  • MPH (Syd.)
  • Dr PH (UOW) 



Professor Heather Yeatman, Head, School of Health and Society, University of Wollongong, is currently President of the Public Health Association of Australia (2012 - Current).  She has experience working in government, academia and with community organisations.  She has worked in food and nutrition policy across the spectrum of local, state, national and international levels and has held leadership positions on numerous government and non-government boards and committees, including food standards, complementary medicines, animal welfare, agricultural chemicals and Tick criteria.  She researches in the areas of school based food programs, food and nutrition knowledge, local food issues, food policy and professional competencies.



  • Public Health Policy
  • Food & Nutrition Policy



  • Food and nutrition policy & regulation
  • Food knowledge and skill
  • Health promotion program evaluation
  • Community and professional roles in policy making, public health and local government



  • Jamila Arrish: Food & nutrition knowledge of midwives
  • Khlood Bookari: Food & nutrition knowledge of pregnant women
  • Limin Buchanan: Energy drinks and the impact of marketing on consumption
  • Amy Carrad: Health promoting environments in sports clubs
  • Belinda Giles: Physical activity in school food gardens
  • Emma Gorman: Food citizenship education
  • Abeer Malaih: Food safety practices, university students
  • Sanaz Sadegholvad: Food knowledge of adults – Australia & Iran
  • Ali Sadeghpour: Evaluation of a Supplementary Feeding Program, Philippines
  • Rachel Smith: Food marketing
  • Minh Quy Tran: Fascioliasis control in Vietnam 



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Last reviewed: 10 August, 2016