School of Health and Society

Social Work 

Social workers assist people to develop their capacity and strengths to solve problems and issues in their daily lives. They explore and address social issues confronting communities to change and improve the lives of citizens by using research and evaluation skills, social policy analysis, social planning, and community development strategies. 

This Degree

UOW Social Work offers fresh and innovative content, taught by experts in the Social Work field. Common subjects with the Bachelor of Social Science in the first year include Psychology, Indigenous Studies and Geography. The intensive professional experience in this degree will allow you to practise your skills with real people, in real- world situations giving you first-hand Social Work experience. This experience ensures you are job-ready when graduating, making you highly attractive to employers. 

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Field Education

As part of your Bachelor of Social Work, you will be required to undertake two Field Education Placements. For more information about placements, please see our Social Work Field Education page.

Professional Accreditation

Accreditation is being sought from the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

Our Social Work Team


  Professor Lesley Cooper

Social Work Academic Staff

  Dr Mim Fox (Year 4 Coordinator)

  Dr Lynne Keevers (Academic Program Director)

  Dr Jacob Mugumbate (Year 3 Coordinator)

  Dr Jodie Park (Year 1 Coordinator)

  A/Prof Jioji Ravulo (South Western Sydney)

  Dr Nandini Ray (Year 2 Coordinator)

Social Work Professional Staff

  Monique Ferguson - Field Education Coordinator

  Angela Miller - Field Education Coordinator


Last reviewed: 6 April, 2018