School of Health and Society

Welcome from the Academic Program Director

Dr Tam Ha

Nationally and globally, there is an urgent need for reflective scholarly practitioners and researchers who are able to contribute to understanding the complex and changing needs of people throughout their lives, and in diverse communities in the face of technological, economic and social change.

Social Scientists are tasked with improving the lives of not just individuals but whole communities. By predicting human behaviour and understanding how we interact with different environments, they can develop plans and programs to improve the overall health and wellbeing of a population. UOW Social Science students engage in interdisciplinary study about human behaviour, including foundations in psychology, human geography and social determinants of health and wellbeing.

Social Sciences help transform the lives of individuals, families and communities by understanding, explaining, predicting and changing human behaviour and environments.

With a variety of majors and more than 30 minors to choose from, our Bachelor of Social Science will provide you with the skills and expertise to be able to understand these complex and changing needs as relevant to your chosen field.

Last reviewed: 28 February, 2019