Honours Program

How to Apply for Honours

Please follow the procedure to apply for admission into the Education Honours program:

  1. Complete EDAR302:
    EDAR302 - Advanced Research Methods (Spring) must be completed as a pre-requisite to entering into the Honours Program. This subject may replace an elective option in your degree program.

  2. Application Form:
    Download the Honours Application Form. Make sure to complete the Research Proposal Form.

  3. WAM Check:
    Complete a draft check of your WAM by downloading the WAM Calculator

  4. Subject Completion:
    Confirm you have completed the required subjects for your program by checking your degree in the Course Handbook.

    You will then need to:

    1. Print your Course Handbook and mark-off the subjects you have completed with a visible, coloured tick
    2. Highlight the subjects you still have to complete (up to the end of Autumn 3rd Year)
    3. Send this along with your application
  5. Submit:
    Submit the following documents to educ-hdr-students@uow.edu.au:

    • Honours Application Form (inc. your Research Proposal Form)
    • Draft WAM Calculation
    • Course Handbook Progression (marked-up)
    • Supervisor and Co-Supervisor’s approval AND signatures of both supervisors, all by the submission date (see below)

Submission Dates for Honours 2017

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education:
4:30pm, Friday June 23rd, 2017

Bachelor of Education - The Early Years and Bachelor of Primary Education:
4:30pm, Friday December 1st, 2017

Last reviewed: 24 October, 2017