Admission Changes

Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs

The University is required, by its accrediting bodies NESA and AITSL, to determine that applicants to undergraduate teacher education degrees have the necessary academic and non-academic capabilities to complete their degree and meet the graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Non-academic Capabilities

If you are applying through the UAC you will be asked to submit (to UAC) a 1000 word statement which seeks information on the two following areas:

  1. your interest in teaching and working with children/young people
  2. your involvement in learning and leadership activities

The UAC web site has details about the requirements for the statement.

Academic Capabilities

Your academic capabilities will be assessed through your Year 12 results, including performance in individual subjects where relevant and appropriate. The UAC Guide and web site carries information about the academic standards, assumed knowledge and recommended studies that apply to each course.

Early Admission

You can apply for Early Admission to UOW between 1 August 2017 and 25 August 2017. The Early Admission process is a non-ATAR admission. We interview applicants, looking for the academic and non-academic capabilities and qualities indicated above. We do not know your ATAR at the time of offer, but will make our assessment based on your interview and your Trial and Mid-Year results.

Note: To be made an offer through Early Admission you must have made a valid UAC application, including a personal statement.

ATAR Admission

All other applicants who apply through the UAC will be considered on the basis of ATAR, personal statement, and where appropriate and relevant, subject results. You can find out more information about how UOW applies Bonus Points to your ATAR.

Three Band 5 Results

All our degrees have been declared ‘combined degrees’ for the purposes of NESA regulations. Provided you achieve or exceed the ATAR for selection, your statement is assessed positively, and you have one of our teaching degrees as your first eligible UAC preference, you can reasonably expect to be admitted to the course you apply for.

If you have 3 Band 5 results (including one in English) and you are entering the Primary Education course, you will have the opportunity to enrol in a specialised subject “Introduction to the Profession”, in your first year. This subject will introduce you to the role of education in society, expose you to the life of a contemporary educator and you will take part in a school immersion program.

Last reviewed: 8 August, 2017