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Professional Partners in Practice (PPP) Mentoring Program - Training for Mentors

What is PPP?

The Professional Partners in Practice (PPP) mentoring program is a uniquely designed mentoring program that compliments the academic and professional experience programs of the Bachelor of Education – The Early Years (B.Ed EY) degree.

The PPP program promotes long-term and ongoing relationships between UOW B.Ed EY students, selected PPP Partnership Services in the early childhood sector, and Early Years academic teaching staff at UOW.

All students are connected with a PPP partnership service and/or a designated mentor for the duration of their degree, providing authentic experiences in the early childhood education and care context. The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to have regular and ongoing practical experiences in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) field and to receive support from committed and passionate professionals in ECEC services. Such experience ideally supports students to apply their University learning to real world ECEC contexts and to learn and develop effective partnerships with experienced ECEC professionals.

The ultimate goal of the PPP mentoring program is to nurture and develop reflective early childhood practitioners in the ECEC sector. Additionally, the PPP program aims to develop reciprocally beneficial partnerships with PPP partnership services and early childhood teachers in the field.

The important skills students develop when working in, with and for the community are transferable. We believe that well-mentored students that are effectively immersed in a community environment will develop self-confidence, resilience, and professional responsibility. We believe that such students will emerge from the UOW Early Years degree program better equipped to both contribute to the early childhood education and care profession and remain committed to it.

The UOW Early Years academic teaching team welcome the opportunity to partner with PPP services and to translate their early years teaching experience, academic knowledge and current research with practicing early childhood leaders, teachers and educators in the ECEC sector. We value the expertise of practising ECEC professionals and community support professionals and welcome their contribution to education and professional growth of undergraduate students in the UOW B.Ed EY degree program.

ECEC services interested in learning more about the PPP mentoring program can download the PPP handbook.

PPP Handbook 

PPP Mentor Training 

We request that all PPP mentors or at least one member of staff in each PPP Mentor service read the PPP handbook and complete the PPP online mentor training presented on this website. The PPP coordinator will contact participating PPP ECEC services to request that all staff completing the online PPP mentor training also submit a declaration that they have completed the online learning materials presented here to satisfy the signed UOW PPP mentor contract between the PPP partnership ECEC service and the UOW student.

Outline of PPP mentor training content

Checklist of PPP Mentor Training Contents

The following 12 videos outline the purpose and benefits of the PPP mentor program and provide information and advice about mentoring, roles and responsibilities, goal-setting and building an effective PPP partnership with students.

The videos run for a total of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. The content would also be suitable for reflection in staff meetings and discussions about mentoring PPP students and can be listed as Teacher Identified PD for NESA accreditation and professional development requirements.

Following the 12 PPP Mentor training videos, 8 brief scenario discussions outline solutions and considerations for a range of potential mentoring scenarios. Review this material to be well prepared for a range of possible scenarios and refer to them throughout your PPP mentoring relationship as required. The total running time for all 8 scenarios is 32 ½ minutes.

For further information or support regarding the PPP mentoring program, please contact:
Dr. Gai Lindsay
PPP Coordinator – B.Ed - The Early Years
Email: glindsay@uow.edu.au

PPP Mentor Training