Shirley Agostinho

Shirley Agostinho

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: (02) 4221 5512


Shirley’s research career focuses on investigating how information and communication technology (ICT) can be used to enhance learning. This began with her PhD, which examined how a Web-based environment can be designed to foster an online learning community for university students, and has evolved and expanded to explore how both teachers and learners (ranging from school to university) use ICT to support learning. Her research is devoted to designing effective learning environments and encompasses the dual perspectives of examining how teachers can be supported to design high quality learning experiences and how learners can support their own learning through the use of ICT. Shirley has expertise in the design, development, implementation, evaluation and research of learning environments supported by the use of information communication technologies. She teaches in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs within the School of Education.

UOW Scholars Profile - Shirley Agostinho

Research Interests

  • Learning design to support teachers' educational design practice
  • Design and evaluation of online learning
  • Self-management of cognitive load
  • Cognitive load theory  

Professional Activites

  • Associate Editor, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Research Students

  • Gerardo Sozio (Doctor of Philosophy): Investigating the effectiveness of product-oriented and process-oriented worked examples to support pre-service teachers engaging with the NSW Quality Teaching Model
  • Stuart Sepp (Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)): Embodied Cognition and ICT Interfaces
  • Tiffani Apps (Doctor of Philosophy): ICT literacy and the digital divide: Understanding primary students' ICT practices and possibilities
  • Jane Tanner (Doctor of Education): Digital storytellling: examining the experience of viewing a digital story resume in a job interview mock setting from the perspective of the creator and the viewer
  • Amanda Rita Gigliotti (Doctor of Philosophy): Exploring the influences on university teachers' decisions to integrate technology in their teaching
  • Faisal Mirza (Doctor of Philosophy): Investigating how primary school students can self-manage cognitive load when presented with redundant information: Self- management of the redundancy effect
  • Deborah Chadwick (Doctor of Philosophy): Cognitive load theory compliant instructions: Providing working memory support for highly anxious students
Last reviewed: 16 December, 2016