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About the School


The Faculty of Education was formed in 1984 from the amalgamation of the former Department of Education in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Wollongong, and the nearby School of Education (Institute of Education).

Since then the Faculty has grown rapidly and now employs over 60 academic and professional staff, and has more than 2200 students enrolled in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in teacher education and training, and higher degree programs up to Doctoral level. Staff undertake teaching across both undergraduate and postgraduate areas, and in most cases are also active researchers in their areas of expertise.

In 2013 the University of Wollongong underwent a Faculty transition seeing eleven Faculties merge into five super Faculties offering a wide range of courses in the areas of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Medicine and Health, Engineering and Information Sciences, and Business. As a result the Faculty of Education transitioned to the School of Education, and sits within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Faculty of Social Sciences also includes the School of Psychology, the School of Health and Society, and the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities.


The School of Education operates as an integrated School without formally separate departments. On offer are programs of study which range from undergraduate to postgraduate study with a particular emphasis on flexible delivery.

The areas of preservice teacher education cover Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Science, Mathematics and Physical & Health Education and are coordinated by the Academic Program Directors.

Postgraduate study and research in the School is coordinated by the Director of Postgraduate Coursework.

The School provides an orderly and coherent exposure to critical issues in contemporary educational theory and practice. We also provide an avenue for the professional development of teachers, education administrators and policy makers.

Community Ties

Close Ties with Department of Education 

The School enjoys a particularly close and productive relationship with the New South Wales Department of Education. The Department cooperates in the development and monitoring of undergraduate programs and provides support for postgraduate students engaged in research and higher degree study.

Staff Working Links

Many staff retain close working links with Commonwealth departments such as the Department of Education, Training & Youth Affairs (DEETYA) and with international agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and OECD.

Distance Education / Flexible Delivery

The School is actively engaged in developing courses available by distance education and through subjects offered at off-campus locations for domestic and international students.


The School is currently housed in four buildings on the Wollongong campus with specific study space for postgraduate research students, seminar rooms and access to the University computer network system.

Adjacent to the School buildings is the Curriculum Resources Centre, which houses material related to teacher training programs, and policy material related to the operation of the NSW school system. The main University library collection houses a good collection of material for use by Education students.

Building 21

  • Early Start facility

Building 22

  • Curriculum Resources Centre (CRC)
  • emlab (teaching room fitted with educational technology)

Building 23

  • Student Services Centre
  • Professional Experience Unit
  • Teaching and Learning Unit

Building 67

  • Dean’s Unit
Last reviewed: 6 March, 2017