Researchers in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities regularly have their work published in leading academic journals and books. Here is a selection of some of their latest papers and books.

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Catherine Phillips
Saving More than Seeds

In this book, Catherine Phillips explores seed saving, rethinks what seed politics might be in more-than-human terms, and urges us to consider the future paths of seed, agriculture, and food.

Chris Gibson, Carol Farbotko, Nicholas Gill, Lesley Head and Gordon Waitt
Household Sustainability

The question that is answered in this book is simple “Why is it not easy being green?” In 20 concise, focused and accessible chapters – from birthing to dying, from toilets to Christmas – the book unveils the ambiguities, instabilities and paradoxes of affluent household living in the 21st century.

Lesley Head, Jennifer Atchison and Alison Gates
Ingrained: A human bio-geography of wheat

This book advances understanding of human-plant relations using the example of wheat. Plants are fundamental players in human lives, underpinning our food supply and contributing to the air we breathe, but they are easy to take for granted and have received insufficient attention in the social sciences.

Chris Gibson and John Connell
Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia

The authors of this book draw on in-depth research undertaken in a range of Australian places, which trace the overall growth of festivals of various kinds, examines four of the more important and distinctive music festivals, and makes clear conclusions on their significance for rural and regional change.

Last reviewed: 1 June, 2017