School Research

School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

The School brings together people with a range of expertise that allows us to make conceptual, methodological and practical contributions to the discipline of human geography and cognate subjects.

1. Cultural understandings of environment
How we describe, value and use the non-human world is deeply affected by our cultural environment. Cultural environments vary, though some are more widespread than others. We conduct theoretical and empirical investigations that reveal and question those ‘common sense’ understandings of nature that characterise different cultures.

2. Living in a world of human diversity and mobility
We live in a world of difference where people, more than ever in human history, live side-by-side with those whose identities, beliefs and habits are dissimilar to their own. We investigate the tensions that consequently arise, as well as the new possibilities for community, belonging and tolerance that are created.

3. Manufacturing urban and regional change
Modern societies face huge challenges of responding to global economic change and global environmental change simultaneously. We are interested in how technical and organisational innovations can be aligned with new visions for a better world for both people and the environment.


Current Projects

Some of our current research projects include:

Making A Difference

Much of our research has real world applications that can bring benefits to individuals, organisations and communities. For example, Christine Eriksen’s research into wildfires is helping households and communities better prepare for bushfires.


Last reviewed: 1 June, 2017