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School of Geography and Sustainable Communities Research

For a flavour of the School’s current research see our latest School Research Report. 


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In the School of Geography and Sustainable Community, our research is conducted through ACCESS: The Australian Centre for Environment, Culture, Society and Space.

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ACCESS research integrates analysis of environment, culture, society and space to:

(i) identify and analyse the place-based, multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities that emerge as environments, cities, economies and communities are differentially transformed across space and place;
(ii) explore how decision-making and action to address these challenges and opportunities can be imagined and enacted at multiple scales and across institutions and communities.

Our research is clustered across three key research platforms:

Higher Degree Research in Geography offers multiple opportunities to build new knowledge and understandings of the complex relations between people, society and environments.

 HDR students are an integral part of the School and of our research. Find out more about our current students and potential supervisors here.

Last reviewed: 6 September, 2018