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International FieldworkGEOG339 Fieldwork India Elephants

International Fieldwork Intensive
- India 2019
GEOG339: Geographies of Change

  • Get up close and personal with a global biodiversity hotspot
  • Immerse yourself in Indian culture, food and traditions
  • Learn from Indian experts
  • Small group intensive immersion experience
  • 10 days: likely 4-14 February 2019, plus pre- trip activities
  • $3,000 travel grants available

Prerequisites: 36 CP at 100 level, 12CP at 200 level including GEOG subjects, Credit average

Application Process: send Expressions of Interest to Associate Professor Michael Adams: (Outline in 3 paragraphs why you want to participate)

Contact: Associate Professor Michael Adams (

“You will never see the world the same ... and to have done it through educational purposes makes it far better than if I went over as an individual tourist.” (Student, 2017 Bali fieldwork)

“I think the trip forced me to critically engage with my position in the world as a privileged person. I found myself thinking beyond the basics and assessing ways I can interact with others or just travel in an approach that was more beneficial to the people of that destination country than myself as the tourist/voyeur.” (Student, 2017 Bali fieldwork)

GEOG339 Fieldwork India Mountains

Last reviewed: 24 September, 2018