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School of Geography & Sustainable Communities HDR Student Information

HDR Expenditure Application

  • Please complete the HDR Request for Expenditure Form
  • Have your supervisor sign the request form
  • Submit this to the School Office for approval
  • The school office will contact you and advise the outcome


Funds Reimbursement

  • Please complete a Payment Request Form with receipts attached
  • Submit to the School Office for processing
  • Funds will be deposited into your bank account by UOW Finance
  • Please allow up to two weeks for reimbursement


Participant Incentives

  • If you are conducting interviews as part of your research and wish to use your HDR Funds for participant incentive vouchers please follow the steps below:
    • Complete the HDR Student Funds Request Form (as per guidelines above)
    • Purchase the vouchers and apply for funds reimbursement (as per guidelines above)
    • Attach a statutory declaration to the funds reimbursement application. The statutory declaration must be signed by a Justice of the Peace. It must also specify the number of vouchers purchased, the amount of each voucher and state you will keep a list of the participants available if required.


General Travel Procedures

If you are travelling on UOW business you must complete a Travel Absence Form.

Travel absence forms are available via the Staff Intranet. If you do not have access have your supervisor or another staff member generate a T number and print the travel absence form on your behalf. Please submit to the relevant School/Department Office.

The University has appointed a panel of two designated Travel Management Companies Travelscene Wollongong @ Internet-Travel and STA Travel. It is mandatory to book travel through either one of the preferred providers unless a more cost effective option can be demonstrated to the University’s Procurement Manager.

If you require reimbursement resulting from travel, please use the instructions above for Funds Reimbursement.

More detailed information can be found on the School/Department intranet pages. Please ask your supervisor or relevant School/Department office for more information.

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