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Social Sciences Dean’s Scholar Program

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers the following Dean’s Scholars courses: 

School of Education

Bachelor of Education - The Early Years (Dean's Scholar) (course code 1821)

Bachelor of Mathematics Education (Dean's Scholar) (course code 1822)

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Dean's Scholar) (course code 1823)

Bachelor of Primary Education (Dean's Scholar) (course code 1897)

Bachelor of Science Education (Dean's Scholar) (course code 1825)


School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

Bachelor of Science (Dean's Scholar) (Honours) (course code 1876)


School of Health and Society

Bachelor of Public Health (Dean's Scholar) (course code 367)

Bachelor of Social Science (Dean's Scholar) (course code 346)


Staying in the Program

All students need to pass their subjects. As a Dean’s Scholar you not only have to pass your subjects you also need to maintain a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 80. Academic Integrity (honesty) is important for all students and we expect the highest standards from our Dean’s Scholar Students.

The Dean’s Scholar Moodle Site

Dean's Scholars will receive an e-invitation to log into the Moodle site. This site will be a one stop shop where students can find out what’s happening in the faculty what invitations await and what job opportunities are on offer.

Dean’s Scholar Employment Project

Dean’s Scholars will be able to work with academic and professional staff on projects in a wide range of areas. Some job opportunities might be research, teaching and learning, administration or community-based projects. It will be real work that offers an opportunity to develop and document skills relevant to future careers in the Social Sciences. Dean's Scholars are entitled to 15 hours of paid work each year of full time enrolment.

The Dean’s Scholar Space

Dean’s Scholars have access to a Self Directed Learning Space (22.108A). This room has been created for the sole use of Dean’s Scholars students. It is a place where students can come together to engage in peer-to-peer learning and connect with other Dean’s Scholars.

Dean’s Scholars Seminar Invitations

From time to time the Faculty, Schools and Research Groups present lectures and seminars on scholarly topics. Dean’s Scholars will be invited to attend.

Dean's Scholars Contacts

Each School manages its own degrees and will have a Dean's Scholar coordinator who will work closely with you and monitor your progress.

School of Education

Dean's Scholar Coordinator: Dr Barbra McKenzie

Room: 67.321

Phone: (02) 4221 3808

Email: bmckenz@uow.edu.au

School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

Dean's Scholar Coordinator: Dr Thomas Birtchnell

Room: 41.255

Phone: (02) 4221 2540

Email: tbirtchn@uow.edu.au


School of Health and Society

Dean's Scholar Coordinator: A/Prof Thomas Astell-Burt

Room: 15.143

Phone: (02) 4221 5081

Email: thomasab@uow.edu.au

Administration Coordinator

Limin Buchanan

Room: 67.312

Phone: (02) 4221 5643

Email: limin@uow.edu.au

Last reviewed: 10 February, 2017