Research Staff

Prof. Gordon Waitt, Head of School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

A/Prof. Michael Adams, Associate Professor

Dr Jenny Atchison, Senior Lecturer Social Science

Dr Thomas Birtchnell, Senior Lecturer

Dr Chris Brennan-Horley, ARC DECRA Fellow

Chantel Carr, Lecturer

Vanessa Cavanagh, Lecturer

Dr Nicole Cook, Lecturer

Dr Christine Eriksen, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Leah Gibbs, Senior Lecturer

Prof. Chris Gibson, Professor of Human Geography, ARC Future Fellow

A/Prof. Nicholas Gill, Associate Professor

Dr Anja Kanngieser, Vice Chancellors Postdoctoral ResearchFellow

Dr Natascha Klocker, Senior Lecturer

Prof Pauline McGuirk, Professor of Geography

Dr Scott McKinnon, Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Andrew Warren, Lecturer

Affiliated Technical Staff

Dr Eliza de Vet, Senior Research Assistant

Dr Theresa Harada, Lecturer and Research Assistant

Elyse Stanes, Human Geography Technical Officer

Current Postgraduate Students

Drauzio Annunciato (PhD) Project title to be determined.  Supervisors Jenny Atchison and Gordon Waitt

Lance Barrie (PhD) ‘The embodied dimensions of endurance cycling and the formation of gendered cycling identities’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Chris Brennan-Horley.

Rebecca Campbell (PhD) ‘Food and kitchens as gendered household sustainability practice in Pacific Island migrant households’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Nicholas Gill.

Chantel Carr (PhD) ‘The Make Economy: contested geographies of design and production’. Supervisors Chris Gibson and Lesley Head.

Vanessa Cavanagh (PhD) Project title to be determined. Supervisor Michael Adams

Susannah Clement (PhD) ‘Walking together: child and parent pedestrian mobilities in Wollongong City centre’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Ian Buchanan.

Freya Croft (PhD) ‘Historical representations of oceans’. Supervisors Michael Adams and Jenny Atchison.

Ryan Frazer (PhD) ‘Thinking care through assemblage: the corporeal politics of volunteering with refugees’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt & Ian Buchanan.

Charles Gillon (PhD) ‘Houses built on sand: rethinking homemaking, materiality, and cultures of nature in a coastal master-planned estate’. Supervisors Leah Gibbs and Chris Gibson.

Ananth Gopal (PhD) ‘Growing cultures: cultivating culturally diverse ecological knowledge’. Supervisors Lesley Head and Natascha Klocker.

Ren Hu (PhD) ‘Australian agricultural restructuring and farmers’ responses: a case study of the Illawarra region, New South Wales’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Andrew Warren.

Kiera Kent (PhD) ‘Children’s play encounters: materiality and more-than-human theory’. Supervisors Leah Gibbs and Natascha Klocker.

Sophie-May Kerr (PhD) ‘Living with children in apartments: sharing, materials and space’. Supervisors Natascha Klocker and Chris Gibson.

Shefali Juneja Lakhina (PhD) ‘Resilient together: engaging the knowledge and capacities of refugees for a disaster resilient Illawarra’. Supervisors Christine Eriksen, Noel Castree and Nicholas Gill.

Marc Llewellyn (PhD) Project title to be determined. Supervisors Jenny Atchison and Nicholas Gill.

Craig Lyons (PhD) 'Making things, producing culture, housing people? Competing visions of industrial land use in the contemporary city'. Supervisors Chris Gibson and Pauline McGuirk

M. Abdul Malak (PhD) Project title to be determined. Supervisors Jenny Atchison and Noel Castree.

Shaun McKiernan (PhD) ‘Management, agency and belonging: exploring invasive plant management in high amenity rural areas’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Jenny Atchison.

Hilton Penfold (PhD) Title to be confirmed. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Pauline McGuirk

Vivian Pham (PhD) ‘Low-carbon retrofit for community housing and household resilience’. Supervisors Leah Gibbs, Gordon Waitt and Paul Cooper.

Leigh Robinson (PhDI) ‘The highs and lows of the airport: volunteering in an intensely mobile space’. Supervisors Thomas Birtchnell and Peter Caputi.

Inka Santala (PhD) ‘Sharing Cities: new strategies for communal sharing’. Supervisors Pauline McGuirk and Chris Gibson.

Ville Santala (PhD) Project title to be determined. Supervisors Pauline McGuirk and Nicole Cook

Nick Skilton (PhD) ‘Privilege and marginalization in Australia’s national imaginary: constructions of mining and sex worker identities through technologies of power’. Supervisors Chris Gibson and Leah Gibbs.

Elyse Stanes (PhD) ‘Making space: young people’s routines of consumption and implications for the cultural economy of sustainability’. Supervisors Chris Gibson and Natascha Klocker.

Razia Sultana (PhD) ‘Urban Green Infrastructure in the Global South: adapting slums to climate change in Dhaka, Bangladesh’. Supervisors Thomas Birtchnell and Nicholas Gill.

Alexander Tindale (PhD) ‘Contesting the urban myth of ethnic segregation’. Supervisor Natascha Klocker, Chris Brennan-Horley and Chris Gibson.

Stephanie Toole (PhD) ‘Climate change adaptation in culturally-diverse Australian households’. Supervisors Natascha Klocker and Lesley Head.

Justin Westgate (PhD) ‘Responding to crisis: creative practices in volatile spaces’. Supervisor Chris Gibson and Anja Kanngieser.

Carrie Wilkinson (PhD) ‘Saving water for a rainy day: thinking through the materiality, agency and assemblage of water tanks and tank water in a changing climate’. Supervisors Leah Gibbs and Gordon Waitt.

Adam Woods (MPhil) ‘The applications and function of citizen science in growing community based knowledge’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Michael Adams.

Recent High Degree Research graduates


Ellen van Holstein (PhD) ‘Community and Ownership: a relational study of community gardens’. Supervisors Lesley Head and Leah Gibbs.

Paul Marshall (MEnvSc) ‘Examining the contribution of community nurseries’. Supervisors Lesley Head and Nicholas Gill.

Samira Nowroozipour (MPhil) ‘Domestic water cultures of Iranian migrant households living in Sydney metropolitan region’. Supervisor Gordon Waitt.

Amanda Edwards (PhD, 2016) ‘More-than-human knowing, showing, and sharing in human/landscape fire relationships’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Ross Bradstock.

Victoria Ikutegbe (PhD, 2016) ‘A phenomenological study of gardening practices and invasive plant management in the Sydney Basin’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Noel Castree.

Heather Moorcroft (PhD, 2016) ‘Engagements between Indigenous Australians and environmental NGOs’. Supervisors Lesley Head, Michael Adams and Jack Baker.

Katie O’Neal (MEnvSc, 2016) ‘Improving coastal management outcomes through science and the law’. Supervisors Leah Gibbs and Richard Kenchington.

Alison Scobie (MSc, 2016) ‘Understanding printing behaviours and paper consumption of staff at UOW’. Supervisor Lesley Head.

Anna de Jong (PhD, 2015) ‘Rethinking festivals through return journeys to Mardi Gras: unbounding, embodying and performing’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Chris Gibson.

Ben Gallan (PhD, 2014) ‘Becoming crepuscular: rethinking the human relationship to day and night’. Supervisor Chris Gibson.

Theresa Harada (PhD, 2014) ‘Driving Cultures’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Lesley Head.

Ren Hu (MSc, 2014) ‘Garden-related behaviour and invasive plants: a case study in Wollongong LGA, New South Wales’. Supervisor Nicholas Gill.

Katrina Skellern (MEnvSc, 2014) ‘Household sustainability dilemmas and challenges surrounding keeping warm in winter and hot water: older, social housing tenant households in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Paul Copper.

Diego Valencia Körösi (PhD, 2014) ‘Environmental and social impacts of ecotourism: a comparative analysis of assessment procedures between Australia and Mexico’. Supervisors Lesley Head and John Morrison.

Eliza de Vet (PhD, 2014) ‘Weather-ways: experiencing and responding to everyday weather’. Supervisors Lesley Head and Chris Gibson.

Mohammed Alam (MSc, 2013) ‘Invasive plant management and climate change in high amenity rural landscapes’. Supervisors Nicholas Gill and Lesley Head.

Patricia Macquarie (PhD, 2013) ‘Valuing landscape, performing landscape: a case study of the Illawarra Escarpment’. Supervisors Gordon Waitt and Nicholas Gill.

Andrea Gordon (MSc, 2012) ‘Community music, place and belonging in the Bega Valley, NSW, Australia’. Supervisor Chris Gibson.

Helen Wilson (MSc, 2012) ‘Practising the green public sphere: a case study of the Illawarra Escarpment’. Supervisor Nicholas Gill.

Andrew Warren (PhD, 2012) ‘Soulful work or selling the soul? Cultural production, precarious labour and the emotional terrain of the custom surfboard industry’. Supervisor Chris Gibson.

Honorary Members

Dr Olivia Dun, University of Melbourne

Carol Farbotko - Research Scientist, CSIRO Ecosystem Services

Andrew Gorman-Murray - Lecturer, University of Western Sydney

Prof Lesley Head, University of Melbourne

Dr Catherine Phillips, Research Fellow

Last reviewed: 17 April, 2018


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