Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER)

Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER)

AUSCCER  Nick Gill Mt KosciuszkoOn the hunt for invasive hawkweeds

Self-confessed fieldtrip junkie A/Prof Nicholas Gill takes UOW Geography students to Mount Kosciuszko to assist in the fight against the spread of invasive hawkweeds.  Read all about the research in the latest The Stand article or watch the video

Olivia Dun Sunraysia Burundian Garden  photo Supporting Victorian farmers and boosting our exports

Dr Natascha Klocker, along with colleagues Dr Olivia Dun and Prof. Lesley Head, has been working with community partners in Mildura on the Sunraysia Burundian Garden pilot project. The success of this pilot has culminated in a $600,000 funding allocation to our community partner organisation, Food Next Door, from the Victorian Government. The funding is for the establishment of a larger community farm that will provide migrants, refugees and other marginalised community members with access to farmland on which to grow food using regenerative farming practices.  Find out more on this project here

Prams and the city Susannah Clement The StandPrams and the city 

PhD student Susannah Clement has been researching the challenges parents face when navigating around cities with prams.  Find out more through the recent UOW The Stand article. 

AUSCCER Elyse Stanes The Stand Fast Fashion: It's time to care about what you wear

Read the article of PhD student Elyse Stanes on UOW The Stand, about her PhD on fast fashion and the need to care about the clothes we buy. 

AUSCCER Charles Gillon - The Stand Great Australian DreamInvesting in the great Australian dream

Human geographer Charlie Gillon finds the great Australian dream of a block of land and house in the suburbs has transformed – and that perhaps the dream needs to change even more. Read more at UOW The Stand.


Other Current Research Projects

Further information on current School of Geography and Sustainable Communities research projects is available at Social Sciences Research.


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