Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER)

The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities offers an annual international cultural immersion fieldtrip, where geography students engage with, and learn from, local community-based experts. This year, 9 students travelled to Bali, Indonesia to experience the interconnections between social and ecological change, culture and tourism. They worked with local Balinese hosts to examine how individuals and NGOs are responding to social and environmental challenges.

A highlight of the trip was visiting a Hindu Spring Water Temple and participating in a water purification ceremony (pictured). Our host, Dewi and her team from Ubud Botany Interactive taught us all about Balinese culture and custom whilst guiding us respectfully through the temple.

“I think the trip forced me to critically engage with my position
in the world as a privileged person. I found myself thinking beyond  
the basics and assessing ways I can interact with others or just travel in an approach
that was more beneficial to the people of  that destination country than
myself as the tourist/voyeur (Student 1, 2017).”

Taking an experiential learning approach, this fieldtrip embed embodied, collaborative styles of learning, and encouraged students through creative assessments to develop intercultural competence and global awareness, communication skills, critical self-reflection and techniques for situated learning and functioning in a team.

Associate Professor Michael Adams
Dr Laura Hammersley

Last reviewed: 13 September, 2017


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