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Podcasts and Videos


Michael Adams - Free Diver
ACCESS podcast Michael Adams saltwater photo full body

Michael Adams is a Professor in Human Geography, but he's also a free diver. That's diving down into the ocean, with no scuba gear or oxygen tanks, and just kind of staying there for a bit. He's speaking at Tedx Wollongong, so hear him explain why he does what he does.

21 Sept.. 2018 │ Lindsay McDougall

Why is it so hard to buy a house? Part 2
ACCESS Charlie Gillon podcast photo

It can be hard to know when to sacrifice and when to treat yourself. We talk savings and if there's hope for the future. Dr Charles Gillon was invited for the second part of this topic to discuss his finding in his PhD.

Sept. 2018 │UOW Media │ Can you tell me Why?

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How smart are smart cities?

“How smart are smart cities?” as seen at the University of Wollongong’s 2017 Big Ideas Festival.
Everywhere we turn these days, cities are announcing themselves as smart cities. Prof. McGuirk asks, does the smart city enhance or negate social justice? What about digital inclusion, or the influence of technology corporations on city governance? Smart cities have both progressive and regressive potential. The question is, what are these potentials and how can we learn from them to make future cities smarter and inclusive for everyone?

Sustainable timbers: from the tree to the guitar - part 1

Prof. Chris Gibson and Dr Andrew Warren research how guitar makers and the timber industry are striking a chord for sustainably grown and harvested woods. Part 1 takes you from the tree to the final product, the guitar. Watch part 2 on how guitar makers and the timber industry are striking a chord.

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Last reviewed: 26 September, 2018