ACCESS - Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space

Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space (ACCESS)

Contemporary global conditions are characterised by profound change, uncertainty and innovation, arising from intertwined environmental, economic and social processes.

These processes are transforming relationships between society and environment as they rework social relations, cultural norms, community capacities and institutional practices.

Socio-Environmental Relations (description follows)

Socio-Environmental Relations

  • Environmental Change
  • Urbanisation and Economic Restructuring
  • Technological Change
  • New Modes of Production and Consumption
  • Contested Cultural Norms
  • Cultural Diversity
  • New Modes of Governance
  • Political Dynamics

In a volatile world, how are the challenges and opportunities of changing socio-environmental relations to be understood and addressed to shape more just and sustainable futures for people and places?

ACCESS research integrates analysis of environment, culture, society and space to:

  1. identify and analyse the place-based, multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities that emerge as environments, cities, economies and communities are differentially transformed across space and place;
  2. explore how decision-making and action to address these challenges and opportunities can be imagined and enacted at multiple scales and across institutions and communities.