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Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Russell Hitchings, University of College London
Title: The unsettling outdoors: studying environmental estrangement in everyday life

Date: 13 March 2019
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Location: B21.G04


This paper draws on talk based methods and insights from social practice theory to make the case for attending to how the idea and the experience of outdoor environments can unsettle patterns of everyday life. Through an empirical focus on those who are now in a position to eschew various elements of the outdoors in London and how they speak of this process, the paper considers how doing so can be an entirely sensible, and often surprisingly easy, course of action in everyday life. The trouble is that, were broader societies to follow suite, the implications are often concerning. Because what we find outdoors can be unexpected, unpredictable, and unsettling to otherwise spreading patterns of practice, I examine how easy it can be to recoil from these phenomena even though we know that adjusting to them can be good for ourselves, for others, and for the wider environment. 


Russell Hitchings is Associate Professor of Human Geography at UCL in London. His research draws on qualitative methods to investigate various aspects of everyday life. His broader objective in doing so is to contribute to our understanding of how societies could be better organised in terms of both resource use and social wellbeing. He has applied these methods in various social contexts to date, having looked at how domestic gardens are managed, how recreational running is experienced, how holiday plans change as people move into retirement, how washing habits mutate at summer music festivals, and how human heating and cooling is organised and experienced in a range of places around the world.

Upcoming Seminars

Presenter: Dr Elizabeth Taylor, Monash University
Title: Dry Zones: Planning and the Hangovers of Liquor Licensing History 
Date: 27 March 2019
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Location: B21.G04

Presenter: Sarah Anderson, Norway 
Title: TBC
Date: 3 April 2019
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Location: G21.G04

Presenter: Dr Billy Haworth, University of Manchester
Title: TBC
Date: 10 April 2019 
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Location: B21.G04 

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