About Us

About Us

Welcome from Glenn Salkeld, Executive Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Science is about empowering people – particularly those in the community who are most vulnerable – to help them develop their capabilities and live happy, healthy, secure and sustainable lives. Our students learn about human behaviour, the way we interact with our environments, our institutions and with each other. With this understanding they can act to bring about fundamental social change that has a lasting impact of such significance that it can transform the lives of individuals, families and communities for the better.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a community of academics, students and professional staff who are all dedicated to making a difference through high quality teaching and learning, research and public debate. Our partnerships, community engagement and advocacy are integral to what we do.  

Our outstanding Social Science scholars are of national and international standing renowned for their passion and high performance in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research excellence.

Our Schools of Education, Psychology, Health and Society and Geography and Sustainable Communities offer degrees and courses that are informed by the latest research, are relevant to contemporary practice and in the case of education, psychology, social work and work health and safety our degrees are accredited by professional bodies.

Our Early Start Initiative aims to give children the best possible start in life through cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, innovative educational programs, experiences and networks that enrich the way we understand and interact with children, families and communities.

Our higher degree research training attracts Australian and international candidates who are keen to work in research centres and schools where students are encouraged to think critically, act and reflect upon their impact. Our researchers are connected to eminent social science academics and centres throughout the world, leading global efforts to achieve the betterment of society.

Our graduates are making a difference to the lives of people through social understanding, action and change. I invite you to join us in this pursuit.

Glenn Salkeld.

Last reviewed: 21 April, 2016