School of Psychology

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers excellent facilities and staff which provide quality education and research opportunities. We have extensive computer facilities as well as teaching and research laboratories, all supported by a team of professional technical staff. Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in psychological science and can be combined with studies in a range of other disciplines.

Why Study With Us?

The School of Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences offers the opportunity for students to explore their passion and develop an in-depth knowledge of psychology.

There are opportunities to conduct first-rate research, supported by leading academics. Studies in Psychology can be combined with other areas in order to allow students the flexibility to explore all of their passions without compromise.

Our Research

The School of Psychology includes several research entities, covering a variety of areas within psychological science. You can view our entities and get further information using the links below.

Institute Linkages

Centre for Psychophysics, Psychophysiology & Psychopharmacology Brain And Behaviour Research Institute Northfields Psychology Clinic Illawarra Institute for Mental Health