School of Psychology

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers excellent facilities and staff which provide quality education and research opportunities. We have extensive computer facilities as well as teaching and research laboratories, all supported by a team of professional technical staff. Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in psychological science and can be combined with studies in a range of other disciplines.

Stewart Vella - Ahead of the Game

After the Game

It is often said that an athlete dies twice. Once when they take their last breath, and the other when they retire from sport.  “When you hear athletes talk, you can get a sense of how much their identity is wrapped up in the sport. They’re not a person who swims, they are a swimmer,” says sports psychology expert Stewart Vella.  

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Sleep on it
Busting myths and setting the record straight on what happens when we close our eyes

“We’re living in a 24 hour society where people are trying to condense time to be able to do everything that they want to. And the first thing pushed aside in many people’s lives is sleep.”

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 Psychology New Staff

New Staff to our School

Left to Right - Judy Pickard, Laura Robinson, Dr Amy Bird, Dr Sebastien Miellet, Dr Vida Bliokas and Samantha Reis (Absent)

Upcoming Colloquium

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

12.30 - 1.30pm in Room 41.104

Untangling Expertise In Face Identification 

Dr David White

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology, UNSW


Best Lecturer: Dr Peter Leeson

Best Tutor: Brad Parkinson

as voted by students, Spring session 2016

More Congratulations

2017 Honours Research Proposal Best Poster Prize Winner: Laura Gunns (Supervisor: Mark Schira)

Thesis Working Title: An Investigation of Inverted Voxels Within the Human V1 Using High Resolution fMRI

Research Report

Psychology Research Report (PDF)Psychology Research Report 2015 (PDF)