School of Health and Society

School of Health and Society

The School of Health and Society offers opportunities for students to study in many areas concerned with society, including: Social and Public Policy, Public and Population Health, Work Health and Safety, Social Sciences, Social Work and Health Promotion.

Students gain valuable knowledge, experience and graduate qualities that will make them highly sought after by employers.

Why Study With Us?

The School of Health and Society aims to guide students on a path of education and self-discovery.

Discover your passions, learning about the science and art of preventing diseases and promoting health in the greater community.


Discover Social Science

Discover Social Work

Discover Public Health

Discover Work Health & Safety

Occupational Hygiene Practice, Ergonomics and Risk

Our Research

The School of Health and Society conducts ground-breaking research into a variety of issues with the health and society sphere.

The Centre for Health Initiatives is a dynamic, multidisciplinary Research Strength focused on developing innovative solutions to address contemporary health and social issues.