Lyn PhillipsonDr Lyn Phillipson

NHMRC - Dementia Fellow
Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI)

Theme Leader (Initiatives in Aging and Dementia)
Centre for Health Initiatives

BAppSC (Physio), MPH, PhD

PHONE: +61 2 4221 4773


Lyn is an award-winning public health academic with expertise in the use of social marketing to promote health in the diverse areas of: dementia risk reduction, dementia help-seeking and service utilisation, cancer help-seeking in CALD communities, organ donation, cold and flu risk reduction behaviours, and the promotion of physical activity in children.

Lyn has a particular interest in the way that stigma associated with health conditions affects willingness to seek help and assistance from health and social services. During 2012, she was involved in the first published national research regarding dementia stigma in Australian which has played a key role in underpinning Alzheimer’s Australia national ‘Fight Dementia’ campaign. She is also involved in stigma reduction activities in partnership with the Multicultural Health in the Illawarra Shoalhaven through the ‘Cancer Good News Project’ with members of the Serbian and Macedonian communities. Finally, Lyn has also played a key role in the development of theoretical framework to promote Knowledge Translation within the teaching and learning practices of the five National Dementia Training and Study programs.

Examples of her current research include: Use of a social marketing approach to promote respite service use in carers of people with dementia in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven (AADRF); Promoting flexibility in respite for carers of people with dementia (DSS); Evaluation of a systemic approach to the introduction of dementia friendly design in aged care (IRT); and the ‘Cancer Good News’ project in CALD communities (CINSW and ISLHD). She is also currently working with Alzheimer’s Australia and Kiama Council to support the development of ‘Dementia Friendly Communities and Organisations’ in the Kiama Local Government area (Global Challenges, UOW).  

Research Interests

  • Health and social service navigation
  • Stigma and Help-seeking
  • Social Marketing
  • Translational Research
  • Multicultural Health
  • Dementia
  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
  • Action Research

Current Grants

  • Phillipson, L (2016-2020). Consumer Directed Care: Understanding and promoting participation and outcomes for people living with dementia in receipt of a Home Care Package
    (NHMRC-ARC Dementia Fellowship).
  • Bonney, A, Mullan, J, Halcomb, L, Phillipson, L and Barnett, S (2016-17). Improving older persons/involvement in decisions concerning their healthcare (IRT).
  • Phillipson, L. Hasan, H.  Fielding, E.  Neville, C. (2015-2016).Use of a social marketing approach to promote respite service use in carers of people with dementia in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven (Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation)
  • Brennan–Horley, C. and Phillipson, L. (2015). Geographic gerontology and Dementia Friendly Environments: Illuminating perspectives of people with dementia and their carers (Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation)
  • UOW (Phillipson) with Alzheimer’s Australia, Carers NSW and the National Respite Association (2015-16).  Making flexible respite a practical reality for carers of people with dementia (Department Social Services)
  • Phillipson, L. and Cridland, E. (2015). Understanding the factors influencing respite uptake and efficacy for people with dementia and their carers: A Literature Review (BaptistCare)
  • Phillipson, L. and Hall, J. (2015). A review of frameworks to engage culturally diverse communities across the cancer care continuum (Cancer Council NSW)
  • Phillipson, L. and Reis, S. (2015). A review of the effectiveness of cultural competency training for health workers (NSW Health).
  • Fleming, R. and Phillipson, L. (2012 – 2015). Evaluating the impact of the introduction of a systematic approach to designing environments for people with dementia: an action research project (IRT)
  • Fleming R. and Phillipson, L. (2015). Establishing the Reliability and Validity of the Community EAT for dementia design (Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, Better Assessment and Care, UNSW)
  • Phillipson, L., Fleming R., Brennan-Horley, C et al. (2014-15). Action research to pioneer a dementia friendly community in the Kiama Local Government area (Global Challenges, UOW).
  • Phillipson, L. and Pitts, L. (2015). Usability testing of the National FOBT Screening Kit.
  • Phillipson, L., Hall, D and Barrie, L. (2014 – 15). Development and Implementation of a social marketing program to reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages in a high school setting (Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District).
  • Bonney, A., Phillipson, L and Jones S. C. (2014-15). Implementation of practice resources to improve the interaction between older patients and general practice registrars (CoastCityCountry Ltd).
  • Stanley, R., Probst, Y., Carlson, B, Okely, T. and Phillipson, L. (2015). Stronger culture, healthier lifestyles. The development of an afterschool cultural and activity program for Aboriginal children living in the Shoalhaven (Global Challenges, UOW). 


Lyn is responsible for co-ordination of the ‘social marketing’ stream within both the Masters of Public/Population Health and the Bachelor of Social Sciences. She also teaches qualitative research methods in the Masters of Public/Population Health. 

HDR Students

  • Tanya Buchanan – PhD Candidate – Engaging the Disengaged in Health Behaviour Change - Tobacco Use of Physical Activity
  • Kathleen Prokopovich – PhD Candidate - Stigma and Uptake of the HPV vaccine
  • Catherine Kubel – PhD Candidate - Knowledge Translation as a predictor of Usability and Effectiveness in Decision-support tools for the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
  • Kishan Kariippanon - PhD Candidate - Exploring the use of social media and emergent technology to engage youth and promote youth health in the Northern Territory.
  • Cathie Andrew – PhD Candidate - How does onset of dementia influence workforce participation?

PUBLICATIONS (Last 5 Years)                View my publications button for Lyn Phillipson

Book Chapters
  • Jones SC, Phillipson L, Larsen-Truong K & Barrie LR (2013) Case Study: Cold and Flu Affect More than You:  A social marketing campaign targeting influenza transmission on a university campus. In: Hastings G & Domegan C (Eds) Social Marketing: From Tunes to Symphonies. Routledge.
  • Fyfe, S, Phillipson, L and Annear, M. (In – press). Evidence Based Practice, In: Forman, D and pond, D. (Eds). Care of the Person with Dementia: Interprofessional Practice and Education, Cambridge University Press.
Refereed Journal Articles
  • Seale, H., Chughtai, A.A., Kaur, R., Crowe, P., Phillipson, L., Novytska, Y. and Travaglia, J. (2015). American journal of infection control 05/2015; 43(5):447-53. DOI:10.1016/j.ajic.2015.01.007 ·Ask, speak up and be proactive: Empowering patient infection control to prevent healthcare acquired infections American Journal of Infection Control. 43(5):447-53. DOI:10.1016/j.ajic.2015.01.007
  • Phillipson, L, Gordon, R, Telenta, J and Janssen, M. (2015). A review of current practices to increase Chlamydia screening in the community – using a consumer-centre social marketing perspective, Health Expectations, 01/2015; DOI:10.1111/hex.12337
  • Phillipson, L., Magee, C., Jones, S.C, Reis, S. and Skladzien, E. Associations between help-seeking intentions and stigma in response to the early signs and symptoms of dementia, Aging and Mental Health, Aging and Mental Health 01/2015; DOI:10.1080/13607863.2014.995588 ·
  • Phillipson, L, Larsen-Truong, K, Pitts, L and Nonu, M. (2015). Exploring and addressing the knowledge, beliefs and perceived barriers to organ and tissue donation of Serbian, Macedonian and Greek Orthodox communities in Australia, Progress in Transplantation, 25(1):91-9. DOI:10.7182/pit2015550
  • Phillipson, L., Magee, C. and Jones, S.C. (2014). A review of the factors associated with the non-use of respite services by caregivers of people with dementia. Implications for policy and practice. Health & Social Care in the Community, 22 (1), 1-12, doi: 10.1111/hsc.12036
  • Phillipson, L., Larsen-Truong, K, Jones, S., Pitts, L., Nonu. M, Filippi, M, Petkovski, A. Tsaldis, H, Trkulja, Z (2013).  Addressing stigma and engaging orthodox religious communities around organ and tissue donation. Transplantation, Volume 96 - Supplement 10S. # 630  pp: S165-S280
  • Phillipson, L. and Jones, S.C. (2012). Use of day centers for respite by help-seeking caregivers of individuals with dementia. Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 2012 Apr; 38(4):24-34. doi: 10.3928/00989134-20120307-05. Epub 2012 Mar 14.
Refereed Conference Presentations


  • Brennan-Horley, C. and Phillipson, L. (2015).  Building Blocks for Dementia Friendly Communities: mapping dementia friendly places and spaces in Kiama, Abstract OC009, Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, April 15-18, 2015, Perth Convention Centre.
  • Phillipson, L., Brennan-Horley, C., Fleming, R., et al (2015). The Utility of Action Research to Support the development of Dementia Friendly Communities, Abstract ADI2015-1116, Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, April 15-18, 2015, Perth Convention Centre.
  • Phillipson, L.  (2015). Flexible Respite for Carers of People with dementia, Abstract ADI2015-1501. Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, April 15-18, 2015, Perth Convention Centre.
  • Phillipson, L., Hall, J. and Pitts, L. (2015). The incorporation of Transformative Consumer Research principles within the ‘Cancer Good News’ social marketing project: A Case Study. World Social Marketing Conference, Rydges, Sydney, April 20-24, 2015.
  • Phillipson, L., Hall, D., Okely, T., Jones, S.C. et al. (2014).  Promoting awareness, knowledge of and compliance with the National Children's Physical Activity Guidelines, Paper # 360 , National Physical Activity Conference, Canberra Convention Centre, Canberra, ACT. Oct 15-18th, 2014. Available at
  • Phillipson, L, Hall, J and Pitts, L (2014). The Cancer Good News Project. Paper # 108. International Social Marketing Conference, Frankston Victoria, July 17-18, 2014.
  • Phillipson, L., Fleming, R. and Butler, K. Knowledge Translation in Environmental Design of Residential Aged Care Facilities for people with dementia. Dementia Collaborative Research Forum 2013, QUT Gardens Campus, Brisbane, Sept 21-22, 2013
  • Phillipson, L., Jones. SC, Hall, D., Eagleton, K. and Andrews, K. (2011). Developing Messages to Create Community Awareness of Hypertension as a Risk Factor for Dementia. Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Perth, Australia: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy. Available at http://anzmac.ino/conference/2011-proceedings
  • Andrews, K., Phillipson, L., Jones, SC, Hall, D., Potter, J. and Sykes, G (2011). Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-Based Social Marketing Campaign to Create Awareness of Hypertension as a Risk Factor for Dementia. Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Perth, Australia: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy. Available at http://anzmac.ino/conference/2011-proceedings/


Last reviewed: 16 February, 2016