Professional Experience Handbooks

Professional Experience Handbooks

The professional experience handbooks can be downloaded from the following links.

Please Note : Professional Experience is a compulsory component embedded in our Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma of Education courses. Therefore it is an expectation that students who participate in these courses are capable of meeting the demands of navigating their own way to, from and around the Professional Experience contexts,e.g. school sites.  It needs to be noted that the off-campus environment is beyond the control of UOW. 

PEX Handbook 2013 cover pic (PDF - 2.3MB)

 Professional Experience Handbook 2012 (PDF - 1.6MB)

 Immersion handbook 2013 (PDF - 0.3MB)

EY PEx Handbook 2013 Cover Picture (PDF - 1.0MB)

Last reviewed: 11 June, 2013