Honours Program

How to Apply

Please follow the procedure to apply for admission into the Education Honours program:

  1. Complete EDAR302:
    EDAR302 - Advanced Research Methods (Spring) must be completed as a pre-requisite to entering into the Honours Program. This subject may replace an elective option in your degree program.

  2. Application Form:
    Download the Honours Application Form. Make sure to complete the Research Proposal Form.

  3. WAM Check:
    Complete a draft check of your WAM by downloading the WAM Calculator

  4. Subject Completion:
    Confirm you have completed the required subjects for your program by downloading your current degree progression grid.

    You will then need to:

    1. Mark-off the subjects you have completed with a visible, coloured tick
    2. Highlight the subjects you still have to complete (up to the end of Autumn 3rd Year)
    3. Send this along with your application to the Research Officer
  5. Submit to the Research Officer:
    Submit the documents to Kim Martin - educ-hdr-students@uow.edu.au and include:

    • Honours Application Form (inc. your Research Proposal Form)
    • Draft WAM Calculation
    • Degree Program Progression Grid (marked-up)
    • Supervisor and Co-Supervisor’s approval AND signatures of both supervisors, all by the submission date (see below)

Submission Dates for Honours 2017

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education:
4:30pm, Friday June 23rd, 2017

Bachelor of Education - The Early Years and Bachelor of Primary Education:
4:30pm, Friday December 1st, 2017

Last reviewed: 31 May, 2017