School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

We teach about and investigate issues of global significance, especially the human impact on the Earth, the management of valuable landscapes, and the planning of cities and regions. Our internationally influential researchers offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for students to both understand and change a world full of critical problems and key opportunities.

Why Study With Us?

We believe students derive unique benefits from the range of knowledge and experience a geographical education offers. Our leading researchers will give you the chance to combine wide learning with practical experience using our many regional and overseas networks. Our graduates, equipped with a portfolio of intellectual and technical abilities, are highly sought after. Watch this short video for more information about why you should study with us.

Our Degrees

The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities offers courses in a range of areas such as Human Geography and Land and Heritage Management.

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Our Research

We have three main areas of expertise:

  • People and their environments: we examine how people perceive, use and reappraise the non-human world at a range of scales in both urban and rural contexts.
  • Living in a cosmopolitan, urbanised world: we investigate how people’s identities and actions are shaped by their encounters with others, especially in multicultural cities.
  • Changing economies: we look at how new industries can create new pathways to a more sustainable future as we enter ‘the Anthropocene’.

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