AUSCCER Noel Castree

Noel Castree

Position: Professor of Geography
Office: 41.254
Phone: +61 2 4221 4921


I joined the University of Wollongong’s School of Geography and Sustainable Communities in 2016 after an initial year in 2014. Prior to this I was at The University of Manchester from 2000, when I was appointed to a Readership in Human Geography. Before that I spent five years as a Lecturer in Human Geography at Liverpool University. I was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2004. Though ostensibly a human geographer, I am committed to the idea that geographic research and teaching should utilise the insights and tools of social science, the humanities and the physical sciences.

Aside from my Wollongong position I am an Honorary Professorial Research Fellow at Manchester University.

Research Interests

I am relatively well known for three related strands of research and writing. The first is the political economy of environmental change. Since 1995 I have tried to extend the explanatory frontiers of Marxist theory to incorporate the physical properties of the non-human world (hitherto underplayed in the Marxian tradition, though now quite central). The second, related strand is how to move beyond the nature-society dualism and find new ways of understanding how people affect, and are affected by, the material environment. I am among a group of environmental social scientists who have provided a theoretical language designed to comprehend the hybrid, coupled character of the contemporary world. Thirdly, I have analysed the changing nature of academic life and how researchers and teachers in universities might best respond to a more managed higher education system. In recent years, I have begun to examine the politics of knowledge in so-called ‘global change science’. The reflects my long-standing interest in who gets to speak for the non-human world, how, and with what social consequences.

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Authored Book
Edited Book

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Book Contribution
  • Castree, N. (2016) ‘The Anthropocene & planetary boundaries’ (8K), ‘Earth System Science’ (7K) and ‘Nature’* (13K). In D. Richardson et al. (eds) The international encyclopedia of Geography. Oxford and Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 161-74, pp. 1581-95 & pp. 4649-4674.
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Reference Works
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Journal article
  • Castree, N. (2016) ‘Global change science, social science and the humanities: towards a new Dispensation South Atlantic Quarterly 116, 1: 55-67 doi: 10.1215/00382876-3749315
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Journal Contribution
  • Castree, N. & Waitt, G. (2017) ‘What kind of socio-technical research for what sort of influence on energy policy?’, Energy Research & Social Science (DOI: 10.1016/j.erss.2017.01.023)
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Newspaper/Magazine Contribution
  • Castree, N. (2015) ‘New thinking for a new Earth’, The Dagens Nyheter (the leading Swedish daily newspaper), November 2nd. Swedish title: ‘Enbart forskning räcker inte för att lösa frågan om klimatet’.
  • Noel Castree. "Save our subject." Geographical Magazine(2013) : 77-77.
  • Noel Castree. "How we make knowledge about climate change." American Scientist 98, no. 4(2010) : 336-338.
  • Noel Castree. "Western environmentalism today: paradoxes and challenges." Soundings 34, no. 3(2006) : 11-21.

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Research Student Supervision

Future Students

Not currently taking on new research students

Current Students
  • Shefali Juneja ‘Migration, community and vulnerability to natural hazards’ (ARC funded) 2016-19.
  • Craig Thomas (MSc, Manchester) ‘Fracking, place and citizenship in contemporary Britain’ (part time, SED-funded, 2011-18). 
Past Students
  • Sophie Lewis (BA MSc Oxford, MA New School for Social Research) ‘Commercial surrogacy, gender and power in India’ (ESRC funded) 2013-16.
  • Vicky Ikutegbe ‘Managing weed escapes in New South Wales: a practice approach’ (UoW funded) 2013-16.
  • Daniel Banoub (MA, York). The political economy of fish farming in Newfoundland and Labrador (Memorial University funded, 2012-16).
  • Craig Thomas (MSc, Manchester). Fracking, place and citizenship in contemporary Britain (part time, SED-funded, 2011-17).
  • Laura Pottinger (MA, Manchester). The moral economy of seed saving in England (SED-funded 2010-16).
  • Tomas Fredericksen (MA, Manchester). The political ecology of mining in Zambia (Marie Curie funded, 2006-10).
  • Jason Beery (MA, Penn State). The production of outer space. (SED-funded, 2007-11).
  • Miranda Morgan (MSc, Oxford). Woman, public protest and land use change in rural Indonesia (Brooks World Poverty Institute funded, 2007-11).
  • David Lier (MA, Oslo). Social movement unionism as a strategy to counter cost-recovery reforms in South Africa (SED and ORS funded 2005-8).
  • Lisa Ficklin (MSc, Bath). The Political Ecology of Environmental Crisis: Neoliberalising Nature and Political Identity in Nicaragua (part-time, SED-funded 2005-12).
  • Ramon Ribera (MA, Manchester). Urban revanchism and the commodification of culture (Manchester University funded 2001-04). 
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