Two new Human Geography Lecturer positions available

17 June 2014: UOW's new Department of Geography and Sustainable Communities is looking for two new Human Geography lecturers. The closing date for both positions is 20 July 2014. Find out more about the positions here.

Dr. Thomas Birtchnell wins area prize for new research in geography

19 May 2014: Dr. Thomas Birtchnell is the winner of the Wiley Publishers Area Prize for New Research in Geography.

Greenhills Beach residents wanted for new research project

30 April 2014: Greenhills Beach is Sydney’s newest beachside suburb and Charles Gillon from The Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research wants to put its residents under the microscope. Are you interested in being involved or do you know someone who might be?

WA shark cull season ends, and ocean users don't want it to return

30 April 2014: As the Western Australia shark cull season ends new research by Dr Leah Gibbs and Dr Andrew Warren reveals that most surfers, divers and other ocean users don’t want the cull to continue. Instead, people favour improved education and ocean monitoring, and wider acceptance of the risks associated with ocean use. 

New Research Associate and PhD positions at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research

26 March 2014: A part-time fixed-term Research Associate position, and a fully funded 3 year PhD scholarship ($AU25,392 per year), are available through the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, Department of Geography and Sustainable Communities at the University of Wollongong. Read more about the positions. 

Professor Noel Castree's new book 'Making Sense of Nature'

5 March 2014: The Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research has launched Professor Noel Castree's new book Making Sense of Nature: Representation, knowledge and democracy.

As the smoke clears: Port Kembla’s stack and the place of industrial heritage

20 February 2014: The demolition of Port Kembla’s stack highlights the uncertain place of industrial cultural heritage in today’s modern, technology-driven, climate-aware society, writes Charles Gillon.

The story of steel maps the job future for car workers

14 February 2014: While the car industry may no longer remain viable in Australia, the workers' skills are far from redundant, writes Professor Chris Gibson and Andrew Warren in a piece for The Conversation.

Can you be forced to evacuate your home during an emergency?

13 January 2013: Christine Eriksen questions the legality of forced evacuations during the Red October bushfires in 2013.

Joint book launch

10 December 2013: AUSCCER has announced the publication of two new books – Saving More Than Seeds by Catherine Phillips and Household Sustainability by Chris Gibson, Carol Farbotko, Nicholas Gill, Lesley Head and Gordon Waitt.

How prepared are we for bushfires?

28 November 2013: Are Australian men, women and households really as aware and prepared for bushfire emergencies as we think we are? This is one question that is explored in a topical new book by AUSCCER's Christine Eriksen.

Trees I've Loved radio documentary

17 November 2013: What explains our affection for trees? A recent ABC Radio National project details our complex relationships with trees and it featured AUSCCER's Lesley Head.

Where is cool and creative in Wollongong?

12 November 2013: AUSCCER’s Chris Gibson and Chris Brennan-Horley star in this short video on the Cultural Asset Mapping in Regional Australia project they worked on.

New book published - Saving More Than Seeds

25 October 2013: In this book, Catherine Phillips explores seed saving, rethinks what seed politics might be in more-than-human terms, and urges us to consider the future paths of seed, agriculture, and food. Find out more about Saving More Than Seeds.

Reflections from the fire front

23 October 2013: The bushfires currently burning in the greater Sydney region provide a stark reminder of the challenges and uncertainty of coexisting with fire. Christine Eriksen and Trent Penman reflect in a new blog post for AUSCCER.

Gordon Waitt at TEDx Wollongong 2013

21 October 2013: What has singing in the car got to do with sustainable living? Gordon Waitt answered this question recently at TEDxUWollongong.

Loving your monsters - the Climate Council and #pinktober

20 October 2013: Two particular monsters are in Professor Lesley Head's consciousness at the moment, the newly formed Climate Council and #Pinktober. Find out why at Conversations with AUSCCER.

Join us for an event with design thinker John Thackara

9 October 2013: UOW is hosting a lunchtime lecture with internationally renowned designer thinker, John Thackara. Find out more about 'What makes a change lab successful?'.

Climate change and regions

11 August 2013: Professor Chris Gibson's new blog series on climate change and regions, builds on papers presented in recent weeks at the 4th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions at ETH Zurich, the annual Institute of Australian Geographers conference at the University of Western Australia, and the 2013 National Climate Change Adaptation (NCCARF) conference in Sydney. Read Climate change and regions on AUSCCER's blog.

The conversation we need to have about carbon

23 Jul 2013: Professor Lesley Head says words that should be in our conversations about carbon are transformation, rationing and shared sacrifice. ReadThe conversation we need to have about carbon. 

Leading international geographer to join UOW

5 July 2013: One of the world's top human geographers, Professor Noel Castree, is joining the University of Wollongong's new Faculty of Social Sciences. UOW's media release about Professor Castree's appointment.

Redneck, barbaric, cashed-up bogan? i don't think so 

12 Jun 2013: Professor Michael Adams explores hunting and nature in Australia in a blog post for AUSCCER. He enters the world of hunters and hunting to physically, emotionally and intellectually experience what it can mean. Read Professor Adams' blog post. 

Researchers say Australia's surfboard making industry will revamp manufacturing

28 May 2013: The public debate over Australian manufacturing overlooks the breadth of diversity. What happens to the automotive industry is not necessarily indicative of other sectors. Read Professor Chris Gibson and Professor Geoff Spinks' opinion piece.  

Professor Gordon Waitt at UOW's Big Ideas Festival

8 May 2013: What makes your stomach churn?Professor Waitt explains how bodily judgements or 'gut reactions' play more of a role in our daily decision making process that you might think. 

Indian journey connects family heritage with research collaborations

13 Feb 2013: A UOW academic is connecting his family's heritage to new directions in international research. Read more about Professor Michael Adams' experience.

Last reviewed: 4 April, 2017


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