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Nick Skilton

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  • BSc. Land and Heritage Management. First Class Honours for thesis 'Conflict in Common: Heritage-making in Cape York'

current research

  • The depth and breadth of distance labour practices in Australia
  • Intimacy in the home
  • Heteronormativity and its role in nationalism
  • Queer geographies and methodologies
  • De-stigmatisation of sex work

Distance labour is considered to be a growing and important part of geographic labour mobility in Australia. Its effect on families is a poorly understood subset of the experience of distance labourers. Through an ethnographic engagement with couples where one partner works in distance labour and is frequently away from home, I seek to explore the varied ways that couples perform intimacy in their daily lives. Using theories of mobility, queerness, and the materiality of the home, I hope to uncover a common thread of emerging forms of intimacy and challenges to work life balance across my case studies. Recognising the importance placed on distance labour as an indicator of economic health, and that conceptualisations of home can be political, performative, and agentic, I hope that the empirical findings of this research may queer some of the heteronormative assumptions underpinning Australian nationalism.


research presentations

  • (UPCOMING) Conference Paper, Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference, Melbourne 2014 - Queering Australian Homes: The relationship between distance labour, mobile intimacies and nationalism
  • Conference Session, Association of American Geographers, Tampa 2014 - Challenging Hetero/Homonormativities in Homespaces
  • Conference Paper, Association of American Geographers, Tampa 2014 - Queering Australian Home Intimacies Through 'Ethics as Method'
  • Conference Paper, Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference, Perth 2013 - Digging for Dirt: rural intimacies between sex workers and the Australian FIFO mining experience
  • Conference Paper, Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles 2013 - Heritage-Making in Cape York: Power dynamics on the environmental frontier

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Last reviewed: 28 May, 2014


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